Lemon & Poppy

This recipe has been made by Génie Soaps specifically for our Lemon & Poppy Soap-Making Kit. It’s designed for beginners and will take around an hour to make. The final product is going to look and smell like our ‘’Poppy Lemon’’ soap, will be gently exfoliating, and make a nice bubbly lather. Enjoy making this recipe kit with your family and kids!
Below, you’ll find what material you’ll need and all the soap-making kit instructions.

**Please note that everything comes in the box weighted, just follow our soap-making kit instructions and add the ingredients together.

Here is what you’ll need at home :

  • Your Génie Soap-making Kit
  • 3 microwave safe bowls (can be ceramic, plastic or glass bowl, a even a mug)
  • 2 non-staining spoons (i.e. metal)
  • A microwave (or a double boiler – i.e. like you would use for melting chocolate)
  • A safe & clean place to work and make your soap!

All ready to start making your own soap?

Step 1​: Layout all the ingredients and all the equipment together on a safe & clean working surface like a kitchen table or a kitchen counter. Some of the ingredients are staining (essential oil & turmeric), so you might want to cover your table.

Step 2 ​: Take the essential oils mix (handle with care) and the turmeric powder and mix all of it together in a small stain-proof (i.e. glass) bowl. With your spoon, you’re going to mix until the colour is perfectly blended. Then, put it aside.

Step 3​ : Now, place the amount of melt-and-pour soap base into a pyrex measuring bowl or a plastic bowl. Please make sure it’s microwave safe.

**the next steps need to be done without any delays between them, otherwise the soap will set – no need to rush, but this isn’t the time to take a phone call or get distracted from your soap-making kit!

Step 4​ : Melt the soap for 30 seconds at a time in the microwave (high power setting) until it’s completely melted (It should take 60-90 seconds in total). Stir in between.

** Remember that the soap preparation is going to be hot once it’s out of the microwave so be careful handling it, especially if your children are helping.

Step 5 ​: Pour about half of the melted soap base into a separate bowl and mix the poppy seeds into it using a spoon. Then pour this mix into the two soap moulds, half in each.

**Tip: Do this step delicately – for this layer to be perfect, you don’t want to scrape the remnants of soap from the sides of the bowl if it’s already hardened (it would make lumps in your soaps). Instead, put the bowl back in the microwave for 10-20s stir and then pour the remnants into the moulds.

Step 6​ : In the original bowl which contains the other half of the melted soap base, add the essential oil/turmeric mix you made earlier. Mix well until the color is perfectly uniform. Now pour this soap mix on top of the poppy seed mix in each mould (To avoid your second layer mixing with your first one, take one of your spoons and hold it just above the soap mould. Gently pour the coloured soap on top of the spoon so the soap delicately fills the mould).

Voila! You’ve done the hardest part of the soap-making kit! Now time to relax & leave the soap to harden and cool down for an hour.

**Tip: when you’re cleaning up, add hot water to the bowls first, leave them for a couple of minutes. You’ll then find it really easy to remove the excess soap and put it in the bin – to avoid clogging the sink.

Step 7 ​: After an hour has passed, time to delicately remove your soaps from the moulds and take a look!

Step 8​ : Now you can decorate your soap bars with the dried lemon and the jute string (see below for our example). Use your imagination! Add your name on the “Handmade by…” card if you’re gifting your soap 🙂

Your soap is ready to use right away – happy washing!

Maggie x

Final product of our Génie Soap-Making Kit | Lemon & Poppy
Final product of our Génie Soap-making Kit | Lemon & Poppy