Eucalyptus & Loofah

This recipe has been made by Génie Soaps specifically for this Eucalyptus & Loofah Soap-Making Kit. There is no need to have made soap before. Making your own soap bars at home will take around an hour to make. The final product is going to smell like you’re at the spa and will be gently exfoliating on one side & really smooth on the other. Enjoy making your own soaps solo or with family and kids! 

Below, you’ll find what material you’ll need and your soap-making kit instructions. Have fun soap making! 

Please note that everything comes in the box pre-weighed, just follow the recipe and add the ingredients together.

Here is what you’ll need at home to make your own soap : 

  • Your Génie Soap-Making Kit
  • 1 microwave safe bowl (or even just a big mug)
  • 2 non-staining spoons (i.e. metal)
  • A microwave (or a double boiler – i.e. like you would use for melting chocolate)
  • A safe & clean place to work and make your soap! 

All ready to start soapmaking?

Step 1 : Layout all the ingredients and equipment of your soap-making kit together on a safe & clean working surface like a kitchen table or a kitchen counter. The essential oil blend can cause stains so make sure to cover your table 🙂

Layout all the ingredients and equipment of your soap-making kit on a safe & clean working surface

Step 2 : Place the melt-and-pour soap into your microwave safe bowl and melt the soap for 30 seconds at a time in the microwave (high power setting) until it’s completely melted (It should take 60-90 seconds in total). Stir in between. 

** Remember that the soap preparation is going to be hot once it’s out of the microwave so be careful handling it, especially if your children are helping. 

**the next steps need to be done without any delays between them, otherwise the soap will set – no need to rush, but this isn’t the time to take a phone call or get distracted! 🙂 (Tip: If the soap sets, simply put it back in the microwave for a few seconds). 

Step 3   : Carefully pour the essential oils blend in your melted soap and gently stir with your spoon. 

**You have to be careful when working with essential oils – if your skin comes in contact with them, wash generously with soap)

Step 4   : Now pour roughly a quarter of the melted soap into each of your moulds to make your first layer of soap (leaving half of the melted soap in your bowl). 

Step 5 : Add the nettle leaf powder to the remaining half of the melted soap still in your bowl, and mix using a spoon. It could take a few seconds to completely disperse the powder in the soap. When ready, it should look like this:

Melted soap mixed with nettle leaf powder
Melted soap mixed with nettle leaf powder
**Tip: Do this next step delicately –  for this second layer to be perfect, you don’t want to scrape the remnants of soap from the sides of the bowl if it’s already hardened (it would make lumps in your soaps). If it seems like the soap has hardened, put the bowl back in the microwave for 10-20s, stir and then pour the soap into the moulds.

Step 5 : Brilliant! We will now be able to make our second layer. First, make sure your soap is warm enough and hasn’t hardened (If your soap isn’t warm enough, you’ll end up with lumps and your loofah won’t press into the soap. Refer to previous tip to solve this!).

Then, take one of your spoons, hold it over the soap mould, and gently pour the coloured soap on top of the spoon to create the second layer of soap and avoid mixing the colours (see below for pictures!). 

Step 7 : Take your pieces of loofah and apply them on top of the soap, pressing lightly on them so they hide a little in your soap bars. 

Pressed loofah into soap
Press the loofah lightly into the melted soap
Voila! You’ve done the hardest bit of your soap-making kit! Now time to relax & leave the soap to harden and cool down for an hour. 

**Tip: when you’re cleaning up, add hot water to the bowls first, leave them for a couple of minutes. You’ll then find it really easy to remove the excess soap and put it in the bin – to avoid clogging the sink. Please don’t put the dirty bowl and spoons in the dishwasher before this previous step, it will create a big foamy mess in the kitchen!

Step 8 : After an hour has passed, time to delicately remove your soaps from the moulds and take a look! Almost done …

Step 9 :  Use the bamboo stick to make a hole in your soap bar (see picture below!). Then you can thread your biodegradable jute string through and tie a knot, leaving just enough space to insert your hand and wrist in the loop. (This is incredible, you will never drop your soap in the shower, proven!!!)

Step 10 : Leave your soap for a couple of hours and it’s ready to use in the shower! (See picture below for final result!) 

Final product
Final product!

Final product with wrist and hand in the soap loop

Brag about your new amazing bars on social media so we can see the results of your hard work! Please tag @geniesoaps on Facebook or Instagram! 

Happy washing! x