Evening Chill – Trio of Natural Soap Bars & Bath Bomb


Our “Evening Chill” trio of soaps and bath bomb is a combination of our Soap Massage Bar, our Minty Lavender Flower and our Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb. Our products are all natural & handmade with love and for a nice relaxing time in the comfort of your own bath or shower. Enjoy the delicate lavender and Ylang Ylang aroma to release stress and tension!


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More about your trio of natural soaps & bath bomb :

  • To release the stress and tension from your body, use our Soap Massage Bar. Wet your skin and gently rub the bar onto your sore muscles. The massage created by the bar will move the blood through the congested areas of your muscles and help the healing process. Improve your well-being and enjoy its delicate lavender aroma.
  • Our Flower-Shaped Soap Bar is scented with Lavender & Spearmint essential oils and trust me, it smells divine! Its revitalising minty scent with a twist of lavender is going to energise your evening.
  • Finally, add our Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb to your warm bath and enjoy its delicate floral aroma. The Ylang Ylang oil will create a relaxing environment and alleviate stress and tension.

More about our soaps :

As we tend to have dry skin through season, we use the richest ingredients in our soaps: coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter. In addition to these, we use oatmeal powder in both our soaps & our bath bombs to increase hydration. This means that your trio of soaps and bath bomb is gentle and adapted to sensitive skin.

Finally, our handmade products are CPSR approved (Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment) which means that they are safe to use, healthy for your skin and for the environment.

Please note that nothing is tested on animals, only tested on ourselves!

More about our bath bombs :

Our natural and vegan bath bombs are all made with carefully selected essential oils. We colour them with mica and oxide powders (which are natural pigments mined from the earth). They are cruelty-free, only tested on ourselves and approved by CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report).




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