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Want to try something different in the comfort of your home? Why not having a go at our soap-making kit with a member of your family!

Our Eucalyptus & Loofah Soap-Making Kit is fun to make and will give you 2 soap bars – you’ll love their refreshing smell and exfoliating properties!

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For this Génie soap-making kit, there is no need to have made soap before. Making your own soap bars at home will take around an hour to do and the final product is going to smell like you’re at the spa. The bars will be gently exfoliating on one side & really smooth on the other. Enjoy making your bars solo or with family and kids!

Below, you’ll find what material you need and what’s in your kit. Have fun being creative!

*Please note that everything comes in the box pre-weighed, just follow the recipe and add the natural ingredients together.

What is in your Génie Soap-Making Kit (all  pre-weighed for you) :

  • The right amount of melt-and-pour to make 2 soaps of ~90g (vegan & SLS free, for full list of ingredients see here)
  • 2 silicone moulds
  • Nettle leaf powder
  • 2 pieces of loofah
  • A glass bottle containing grapefruit & eucalyptus essential oils
  • A piece of bamboo stick to make a hole in your bars & a long jute string to make a ”Soap on a rope”

What you will need at home : 

  • Your Génie Soap-Making Kit
  • 1 microwave safe bowl (or even just a mug)
  • 2 non-staining spoons (i.e. stainless steel)
  • A microwave (or a double boiler – i.e. like you would use for melting chocolate)
  • A safe & clean place to work.

To find the instructions, click here 🙂

If you had this kit before and would like to do it again, we suggest that you buy our Eucalyptus & Loofah REFILL kit which doesn’t include moulds. You can reuse your previous ones many times.

Finally, brag about your new amazing soap bars on social media so we can see the results of your hard work! Please tag @geniesoaps on Facebook or Instagram! 🙂



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