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Tired of dropping your soar bar in the shower ? Us too, but we have the solution! Simply put your soap bar in your sisal bag, wet the bag under the water and gently rub the bag onto your skin. This will gently exfoliate your skin and create a lovely lather.

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A bit more about your Sisal Bag :

Our Sisal Bag is made from the Agave Sisalana Plant‘s fibers. This plant grows all year around in hot climate and can be cultivated in most soil types. The fibers extracted from the leaves are durable, washable and biodegradable which makes this versatile accessory sustainable.

Our Sisal Bag is a brilliant accessory for your soap. You can use it in multiple ways such as :

  • A travel bag for your soaps, shampoo & conditioner bars
  • A soap saver – When you’re at the last bit of soap and it just slips through your fingers every time you’re trying to wash your body, simply put the soap in the bag and hop, problem solved!
  • A way to dry your soap after use by letting it rest on the top of the bag
  • A gentle way to exfoliate your skin – We love rubbing a little bit of soap on it and use the bag as a “loofah”.
How to take care of your bag : 

Like many other shower accessories, our sisal bag can cumulate bacterias if not washed properly. We suggest you pop your bag in the washing machine with your towels once a week or more, if you are using it to shower. You can simply leave the bag to air-dry afterwards.

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