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This bamboo soap dish is the perfect natural accessory you need with your handmade soap. It’s specifically designed to fit in your bathroom, either on the bath side or the counter, or in your kitchen. It will leave your soap to dry after use and increase it’s longevity ! 




More about your Bamboo Soap Dish :

Our Bamboo Soap Dish is a simple but necessary accessory for your bathroom if you’re a fan of soap bars. Made of natural bamboo, its natural look will suit almost any bathroom decor and will put the old plastic soap dish to shame. As bamboo is fully biodegradable and sustainable, it is a great choice to accompany your handmade & natural Génie soap bars!

Our soap dish’s dimensions are 11 cm x 9 cm x 2 cm.

How to make good use of it : 

I don’t know if you have learned this the hard way like me but if you leave your soap bars soaking in water in the shower after use, you will definitely end up with a soggy soap bar afterwards. Our Soap Dish helps you dry your soap between uses and will increase its longevity. The soap dish will allow the air to move freely around the soap and leave the bar to dry until the next use. It also drains the water from the bottom.

How to take care of your soap dish : 

Your bamboo soap dish will get dirty with soap residue (if it’s possible to get dirty with soap…I don’t really know!). To clean your bamboo accessory, simply rinse it under tap water and rub it gently with your fingers or a small towel. Then we suggest that you leave the dish to air-dry or that you dry it with a clean towel.

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