Deluxe Discovery Box


An evening at the spa in your own bath is what you deserve ! From a gentle body scrub to a relaxing massage, you’ll find the natural items you need to completely disconnect. See below all the eco-friendly items included in your box.

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Your Deluxe Discovery Box is the perfect way to discover our range of eco-friendly products. It includes our Bamboo Soap Dish, a sisal bag (to exfoliate your skin or to travel with your soap bar), a Coffee Scrub Soap Bar, a Massage Bar and a Minty Lavender Flower-shaped soap.

Our Deluxe Discovery Box is also a great gift for a special person as it contains everything you need for a relaxing spa session : skin exfoliation from the Coffee Scrub or the sisal bag, relaxing massage by the Massage Bar, and a gentle lavender aroma from the Minty Lavender flower-soap bar to help you unwind in the bath. Dry your soap bars after use on our Soap Dish and don’t worry about a thing !



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