Hi, I’m Maggie!


My name is Maggie and I founded Génie Soaps with my other half James when I moved to the UK in December 2019 from Québec, Canada. ​I have a background of nursing and as a fitness instructor – promoting a healthy lifestyle is one of my passions and I love to take care of people. For the next coming years, I’d like to invest my time in something a bit different; changing the way consumers shop for their day-to-day cosmetics by creating homemade soap and other bath products with minimal packaging. I would like to help people adopt a sustainable way of shopping which is good for their body and harmless to the environment 🙂

Where does our name Génie Soaps come from ?

Since french is my first language, I thought I would bring a little bit of my culture in England. Génie is a French word that means genius. You can also employ the word Génie in the expression “ être le bon génie de quelqu’un ”​ which means to be a good influence on people and help them make better choices. Génie Soaps & Skincare products is the embodiment of this : zero waste, natural and vegan products that help you adopt a sustainable skincare routine.

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